Tuesday, December 28, 2004
  Gothic names anyone?
I've just found out that I have a gothic name, and its Violent Beauty (no I didn't make that up). I must say, that's quite flattering, but I still don't know how to rank it amongst the other nicknames I've been given, of which includes Queen PMS, Merciless Medusa, Cold-blooded Bitch, Emotionless Cow and Miss Morbid. As far as I'm concerned, they're all lies. I'm the nicest, sweetest person anyone could ever wish to meet (as well as gorgeous, have I mentioned?). And if I ever get to see those people who gave me these nicknames, their lives will be at my mercy. As for Clyde, his name is Deadly Whispers. Although I still think the winner of the day is still my boyfriend - apparently his gothic name is Demented Whore. I must be so lucky.
Hey Violent Beauty...I have to agree I also think they are lies because I was also named Violent Beauty, no joke...
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